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The "Aparthotel" Experience

Pineland Express has adopted and rooted its short term accommodations business by offering The Aparthotel Experience. Aparthotel, also known as serviced apartments, provides hotel like services with all the comforts and flexibility you have in a home. This concept is not new but Pineland Express's revised implementation is! Our goal is to take this all-encompassing and unique lodging  option and achieve a superior level of  a true "At Home" experience.

The End User Is You!

🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 


🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 

Whose It Best Suited For Aparthotel?



~ Families ~

Traveling with a family of more than one child becomes increasingly difficult when staying at a standard hotel. In many cases, parents will be forced to reserve multiple rooms in order to adequately accommodate the bed requirement or to simply allow for more living space to maintain harmony. Staying at a fully renovated and fully furnished Aparthotel will significantly reduce the stress of traveling with children and allow traveling parents to maintain family routines without missing a beat.


~ Business Travelers ~

When traveling for business you may find yourself in need of a location to conduct a meeting or a larger work space to hold strategy sessions or possibly team preparation for an important pitch? Having access to an entire apartment/home will provide adequate space to facilitate a productive and private work environment. When work is completed, you can choose to relax alone or invite your colleagues/friends over without having everyone sit on your bed. 

~ Military TDY and Traveling Nurses ~

Many service members and nurses find themselves staying at temporary work locations for extended periods of time. The excitement of being in a new place quickly gets old when you are restricted to a 200 - 300 square foot box. Stay at a Pineland Express property and allow yourself to live as you would at home while enjoying many of the services offered at a hotel. Pineland Express offers extended stay rates and has below per diem rate pricing for active duty service members. (Call for more information)

~ Special Occasions ~

Ever wish you could just get away and treat yourself or a special somebody to a landmark occasion? Is it your 10 year anniversary? Honeymoon? Spouse returning from overseas deployment? Fortieth Birthday Party? Pineland Express's Aparthotel Accommodations offer the perfect venue to achieve the perfect ambiance.

Regardless of the reason you find yourself looking for short term accommodations, choosing to stay at Pineland Express's Aparthotel Suites will have you saying "goodbye mainstream hotels, I've found my Home Away From Home."

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