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🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 


🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 

Our Suites

Elephant Enchantment

- Suite A -

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The Elephant Room is one of our premium one bedroom, open concept Aparhotel that provides all the comforts of a fully furnished home. Our welcome package provides basic essentials to help you transition after a day of travel. Kick back, relax, and watch your favorite television programs on our 55" Fire TV© with Bose© sound bar. The Elephant Enchantment room is outfitted with a cozy traditional love seat and elegant accent chairs for your visitors. The spacious bedroom boast elevated furnishings, closet organizer, and a large bathroom with dual vanities. *All units feature Alexa© enable smart technology to control lights and TV, keyless entry system, and Ring© doorbell for enhanced security, Smart TVs with active Hulu and Netflix accounts.

Single Family Homes

🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 


🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy - 🚭 

Cozy Cabin








If you are looking for a short term accommodation solution that allows you and your family ample space to live and wind down while traveling or transitioning to Fayetteville, NC, THIS IS IT!


Highstan Ranch is a 1,750 square foot Ranch Style Home located on a peaceful cul-de-sac in the center of Fayetteville. This beautiful home contains 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms, 2 Living Rooms, Dining Room, Eat-In Kitchen, 1 Car Garage, and Fenced-In Backyard. You will not find another property outfitted with this level of furnishings for you and your family. There is NO shortage of nearby amenities to support your stay. Within 1 mile is a Plaza containing Food Lion, Subway, and other small businesses. Should you need a bit more selection, the retail and restaurant epicenter on Skibo Road is located less than 8 minutes away.


✦ 1 King Bed ✦ 2 Queen Beds 

✦ Rate Occupancy =  6



75" TV










Tea Station

🚭 - Strict NO Smoking Policy |  🎉 - Strict NO Party Policy |  ⚠️ - Click here to review all policies

More Suites Coming.....

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